Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Three of my novels are now e-books!

My daughter just loaded three of my own novels as e-books onto Amazon Kindle which readers can download! She did a fantastic job! The Watcher, The Seeker and The Finder went up today for purchase on Kindle. These are the three books in my Watcher's Quest Trilogy.

Preparing books that were already formatted for publishing was really difficult to do. They recommend that you do not use your tab key when writing, but who knew that would ever be a problem? Therefore the indents for each paragraph are a little deeper than we'd like (and they looked perfect in the, of course, we assumed all was well and she uploaded them), but other than that they look great. Even the covers look good!

More e-books to come in the next few weeks.

My latest book with Tundra, WINTER SHADOWS, is also on Kindle.

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Chris said...

We did it, Mom. And they look great!