Saturday, November 12, 2011

Fourth book up on Kindle as e-book.

My fourth e-novel is now up on Kindle. Angels Turn Their Backs. You can see its e-cover in my e-books section in this blog and a description of the story, awards and other info on the novel under "Ghosts".

Getting to know you.....

I finally figured out how to put "Comments" up on my home page. You can see the tiny comment tab below each of my posts -- and on each book page you will find a comment box. I have also added an email connection so you can get any news/new comments etc  from my blog sent to you via email. You will need to have a Twitter, Yahoo, or Google account to become a subscriber or "Follower" of my website/blog.

You do NOT need to have a Google email - just an account. This also allows you to go onto Google maps. It's worth joining Google just for that.

Last week I went on google world maps and was able to "stand" right  in front of Jim's great-grandparents' old Georgian House in Edinburgh AND take a virtual picture to keep. I've also been to the villages my family came from in England - right on the main road in front of the buildings. It's amazing! I also use it to go on any of my city streets to locate a new restaurant. You can do this - go to the street, and find the restaurant and the cross roads nearest and parking (!) before you leave your home. Works great for business offices, too. :-)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Three of my novels are now e-books!

My daughter just loaded three of my own novels as e-books onto Amazon Kindle which readers can download! She did a fantastic job! The Watcher, The Seeker and The Finder went up today for purchase on Kindle. These are the three books in my Watcher's Quest Trilogy.

Preparing books that were already formatted for publishing was really difficult to do. They recommend that you do not use your tab key when writing, but who knew that would ever be a problem? Therefore the indents for each paragraph are a little deeper than we'd like (and they looked perfect in the, of course, we assumed all was well and she uploaded them), but other than that they look great. Even the covers look good!

More e-books to come in the next few weeks.

My latest book with Tundra, WINTER SHADOWS, is also on Kindle.