Lesson Plans and Ideas: WHO IS FRANCES RAIN: Teacher, Chris Chalker, Newfoundland

Chris Chalker, from Newfoundland teaches grade seven Language Arts. Who is Frances Rain? is one of the novels his students study.

Chris sent me a letter in February 2012 and, after reading it, I asked him if he would be interested in sharing his lesson plans with other teachers. He said he would be happy to share. This kind of generosity is amazing to me. If there are other teachers interested sharing teaching ideas for Who is Frances Rain? or any of my other novels, please contact me and I will gladly put them up here on the site.

I have already posted Chris's letter under Who is Frances Rain? but I am pleased to do it again. I am putting it in here, because he describes quite a bit about how he approaches his classes when reading the book. I love that he reads to his students!

If other teachers have plans WFR or for some of my other books please send them on, as I know other teachers would really appreciate it! 

08th February 2012

Hello Ms. Buffie,

Once again, I've read and explored your novel, Who is Frances Rain? and
once again I've uncovered yet another layer I did not know existed...

I've taught your novel to my grade sevens for over ten years now and I
never tire of it. Sometimes I read it aloud - while they follow along
with their copy - and sometimes I get the students to read it. I've
always felt that the plot was perfect for this age group and more
importantly the many themes of change, acceptance, and growing up, to
mention just a few... For that reason alone, it deserves a hallowed place
in my classroom.

Each time I've read the book I've been intrigued by its many teaching
possibilities. Early in our use of the book, it was always a great
springboard for important discussions about divorce, sibling rivalry and
the beauty and importance of grandparents. I also use it for exploring
journal writing and point of view. Sometimes students will journal write
about things going on in their world and sometimes write from Lizzie's
point of view at critical points in the novel.

As I read the novel aloud, I often pause to celebrate how real all of your
characters are, including your minor ones. I take the time to let the
kids enjoy your description of Harvey, which is so so colorful. And then
when Lizzie and Alex go to pick him up at his shack, the description of it
is so appropriate and really a description of him, which is really the
case in the real world. We actually take the time to create a visual
representation of it.

One day, as I was reading, all of the figurative language suddenly
appeared to me. I don't know why it took so long, but it did. It made me
rethink my way of teaching. This may seem like a trivial point at first,
but I used to teach my literary terms / devices by genre and figurative
language was included in my poetry terms. And then I thought... How
limiting, to call similes, metaphors, and personification poetry terms.
It was indirectly telling my students that these terms only have a place
in poems.

Thanks to you, I now explore these terms with my students as literary
terms and encourage my students to use figurative language in all forms of

Your first novel? Wow! Who is Frances Rain? is the work of a true master


Chris Chalker
English Teacher
St. John's, NL

Here are Chris's lesson plans and ideas.

1. Letter Assignment

Grade Seven                                                                    Name______________________
Language Arts
Who is Frances Rain?

Letter Assignment

Now that the summer is over choose one of the major characters from the novel and write a letter to another character. All references to the novel must be accurate and the point of view should be that of the character writing the letter.  All writing assignments must include this sheet, a rough draft of the letter, an artificially aged final draft, and a cover page.

Date and Year…

Paragraph One

This is a very short paragraph.  All you have to do is state why you are writing the letter.

Paragraph Two

This paragraph deals with simple matters.

You may…

… share brief details of one or two things that happened.

… share how you felt at the beginning, middle, and/or end of the summer.


Paragraph Three

This paragraph deals with very personal matters.

You may…

… share how you feel about the person you are writing or another person.

… share how you feel about something personal that occurred during the summer.

Paragraph Four

This paragraph brings closure to the letter.  Be sure to ask several questions that will encourage a reply.

Sign and P.S.

2. Letter Sample

27th of October, 1925

Dear Frances,

 I had to write and thank you for the best summer of my life. It was so good to get a break from Papa and finally spend time with someone who really cares about me.

The three months we spent together really flew. I guess it's true that time flies when you're having fun. I went there feeling so sick and I left feeling so rejuvenated. It was so nice to get away from the city and spend the long summer afternoons sketching in the sketchbook and writing about the things that we did each day.

 I have to apologize for leaving so abruptly. As I'm sure you have realized, Papa arrived early and forced me to leave. He was very rough with me and he practically dragged me to the canoe. While I was leaving I dropped my sketchbook on the path going to the dock. Please have a look for it and care for it until we meet again.

The thought of having to live with Papa again frightens me. It was such an eye opener to see how happy and relaxing another home  - my mother's home - can be. I am so afraid that I will never see you again. How’s the cabin?  Are the leaves changing color?  When will I get to see you again?

All My Love,

Your daughter


P.S. I am so afraid that Papa will find this letter.

3. Journal Writing Assignment

Grade Seven

English Language Arts

Who is Frances Rain?

Journal Writing Assignment

Write in your journal notebook each and every night after each read aloud session. 

These journals must be from the main character's point of view and most importantly, they are all about point of view…  You really need to get into the main character.  Think and write as if you are Lizzie!

Tips for ensuring success when writing:

1.  You may begin each journal by telling where you are when you are writing and why.

For example, “I am in the closet with a flashlight because ___________ is asleep...”  This helps to create realism.

2.  You may then give a two or three sentence summary of what has happened since your last entry. 

          For example,  “Since my last entry a lot of things have happened.  Johnny did…  Susan said…  Grandpa looked…”

3.  Be sure to share your feelings about what has happened since your last entry.  In particular, you may share your feelings about other characters.

          For example, “Johnny made me mad when…  I really felt that…  Susan was behaving out of character and this made me think…”

4.  Make a few guesses about what may happen over the next day or two.  This is your chance to be extra creative and not be limited by what has already happened in the novel.    

          For example, “I wonder if Grandpa will…  I bet Johnny is going to…”    

5.  Throughout your journal writing you are required to insert two or three pencil sketches that capture something important or interesting about the novel.  Be sure to place them appropriately. 

       For example, you may draw a picture of a particular setting around the time the journal is written.

4. Sample Journal Entry

Who is Frances Rain?

Sample Journal…

Dear Journal,

What a day!!!  We just made it to Pickeral Lodge and I’m finally in my room.  I guess having to share a bed with Erica for the night will be tolerable.  I’m having to fight for some blankets, while I write to you.  It’s pretty cool in the room, which is good after the long car ride.  The car ride…  It  was horrendous.  Mother and Toothy Tim drove us here.  I would have come by dog team, rather than have to spend eight hours in the car with them.  Having to listen to mother underline every second word she uttered was terrible.  And Evan…   He is a royal pain in the ass!  Also, Toothy managed to hit every single bump in the road.  The only good thing about the day was not having to wash the dishes after the meal we just had.

I still think about Dad a lot.  Even though he wasn’t around very much, I still miss him.  He was part of our family and he wasn’t supposed to go.  And now with Toothy moved in and married…  How can things possibly change?  I wonder what he’s doing tonight.  Is he on a date?  Is he home alone?  Does he think about Mother?  Does he think about ME?!  It makes me so angry just to think about all of it.  I’m never going to get married.  What’s the use?  Everyone always end up getting a divorce anyway.  With my luck, Mother and Toothy will “live happily ever after”.  Underline that, Mother!!!

I can’t wait to see Nan.  She is the only one who understands me.  I know she’s going to hate Tim.  – Although, I’ve never known Nan to hate anyone. - I don’t care, I’m going to give her all the details; every last one of them.  I’m going to tell her how Toothy is a terrible cook and how he has taken right over.  I’m even going to tell her about the big fight they had after Dad called the other night.  Why did he call?  Does he want to come back home?  Does he even know she’s married?  Does Nan know any details about Dad?  I know Mother won’t share any with her.  Mother knows Nan is not impressed with everything that is going on.  Nan is the only one I can trust in this crummy stinking world of mine.  If I never had her in my life…


P.S.  That Alex Byrd is after getting some cute!

5. Recreate Harvey's Shack
(From Margaret Buffie - this would make a great art project!)

Grade Seven English
Novel Unit
Who is France Rain?

Recreate the scene of Harvey’s shack…

 Read from the bottom of page 125 to the top of page 126.  Here, the author describes where Harvey lives, inside and out.  However, the description is designed to give valuable insight into Harvey’s character. 
Your assignment must be as accurate as possible, inside and out, so be sure to include each and every detail.


     ·          Harvey waiting in a rocker
     ·         Wind lifting the edges of mismatched shingles
     ·         Smoke swirling from the chimney into the trees above
     ·         Dirt path cutting through a yard full of rusting motors, dead and gutted trucks and cars and piles of corroding junk
     ·         Baseball cap over dandelion fluff on his head


     ·         Rows and rows of piled magazines, newspapers, and books that stretched up to the wood ceiling, with hemp ropes and silky strings of cobwebs holding it all together
       ·         Mouse’s head popping out of the middle of one of the dusty piles… pink eyes

6. Book Jacket Assignment

Grade Seven Language Arts                                    Name_________________________

Who is Frances Rain?

Representing Activity

Design a (book) jacket that will entice people to purchase the novel Who is Frances Rain?  Your assignment will be graded on how well you complete each of the following parts of your jacket.  (Submit this rubric with your assignment for grading purposes.)


Front Cover

q  (    /40) Create a picture that makes the viewer curious what the novel is about. It can
                 give a hint as to what it is about but nothing too revealing. Marks will be
                 awarded for creativity, layout, and appropriate use of color.

q  (    /  5) Include the title of the novel and the author.  Be sure to have a nice font with
                 eye-catching color.

Back Cover

q  (    /15) Give a one or two paragraph summary of the novel without revealing
                 anything important to the plot.

q  (    /10) Include at least one fictitious award that the author has received.

q  (    /10) Include at least three fictitious one sentence compliments from respected


Front Inside Flap

q  (    /10) Give a quick sketch of the opening part of the novel.

Back Inside Flap

q  (    /10) Give a brief bio (fictitious or otherwise) of the author (Margaret Buffie).

q  (    /  5) Include a small picture (cartoon or otherwise) of the author.


q  (   /100)

Teacher Comments:

7. Demand Essay

Who is Frances Rain? Demand Essay

Answer one of the following questions

In a multi paragraph essay, explain how the major character changes.


In a multi paragraph essay, identify one type of conflict in the novel, give examples of it, and explain how each example is resolved.


 In a multi paragraph essay, identify three major themes and explain how they are developed throughout the book.

Keep format in mind…

Paragraph One:  Introduction – include title, genre, author, and literary device

Paragraph Two: First argument and supporting evidence from the book

Paragraph Three: Second argument and supporting evidence from the book

Paragraph Four: Strongest argument and supporting evidence from the book

Paragraph Five: Conclusion – What the book can teach with regards to the question

8. Content Quiz
Grade Seven English
Who is Frances Rain?

1.  What form of transportation does Lizzie normally use to get to Gran's every summer?
 2. Who are the two extra people going to Gran's this summer?

3. What does Lizzie mean when she says, "I played Cinderella"?

4.Where does Mother meet Toothy Tim?

5. What does Lizzie’s mother tell her children when she lines them up in the den?

6. What does Toothy Tim do for a living?
7. Where does the family stay the night before they meet Gran?
8. Who helps them unload the car?
    9. Who does Alex shine the flashlight on just a little longer?

    10. Who gets upset with Evan for his attitude when they arrive at the cabin?

    11. What's Gran's first name?

    12. Who shows up to have a quick breakfast at the Pickerel Lodge?
    13. What nickname does Tim use on Erica?
    14.  What does Gran wear, which was once belonged to her husband?
    15. What kind of sandwiches do they make for lunch when they arrive?

    16. What is the name of Lizzie's canoe?

    17. Who does Lizzie take to Rain Island with her?
    18. What does Lizzie find the remains of on Rain Island?
    19. Who helps Lizzie get back to Gran's during the thunderstorm?

    21. Who shows signs of not being well?

      22. Who works on the puzzle together at Gran’s cabin?

    23. Who invites Lizzie to go fishing?

    24. Who does Lizzie hear arguing in the kitchen?

     25. Who starts to call Connie?

    26. Who storms out of the cabin?

    27. What two things does Lizzie find on Rain Island?

    28. What does Erica accuse Bram of eating?

    29. What is the name of the lake that Gran’s cabin is on?

     30. What is the name of Lizzie’s sister?

      31. What did Frances do for a living when she first came to Rain Island?

     32. What does Tim say he thought he saw while fishing with Alex and Erica?

    33. Who does Lizzie believe she sees on Rain Island?

    34. Who is brought to stay three months with Frances?

    35. Who brings the girl to Frances?

    36.  Who is chasing Lizzie once she flees from the island fearing that Frances has seen her?

    37. Who does Alex say might be able to give her more information about Frances?

    38. What does Alex invite Lizzie to have at May's?

     39. What does the girl do when she would sit on the veranda?

    40. Who has left when Lizzie returns from the cabin?

    41. What had Tim said he would do with Evan this winter?

    42. Where do Lizzie and her mother find Tim?

    43. Why is the doctor called to the lodge?

     44. Who visits Lizzie halfway through the night in her bedroom?

    45. Where does the person want her to go?

    46. Who takes the girl away from the cabin?

    47. What does the girl leave behind?

    48. Who has a dream almost identical to Gran's?

    49. What do Lizzie and Alex find between the rocks at Rain Island?

    50. Whose signature is on what they find?
    NOTE: Chris gave me the key to this quiz - if you are using it, you can email me for the answers at mabuffie@yahoo.ca
    9.   Summary and Content Quiz

    Who is Frances Rain?

    Summary and Content Quiz Questions

    Chapter One

    Lizzie, Evan, Erica, Mother, Toothy Tim, and Bram are driving to Rain Lake, North of Lake Winnipeg to visit Gran. This is a change from the usual when the kids go alone by bus.

    1.      What form of transportation does Lizzie normally use to get to Gran's every summer?

    2.      Who are the two extra people going to Gran's this summer?

    Chapter Two

    Here we get the details surrounding the father's departure. We are also given insight into Toothy Tim's personality. We get Lizzie's take on the incompatibility of Tim and her mother. Evan and Lizzie agree not to treat him nice. He takes over, cooking the meals and cleaning. Lizzie spends a lot less time at home. Lizzie feels that her mother and Toothy Tim are going to ruin her vacation.

    3.      What does Lizzie mean when she says, "I played Cinderella"?

    4.      Where does Mother meet Toothy Tim?

    5.      What does she tell her children when she lines them up in the den?

    6.      What does Toothy Tim do for a living?

    Chapter Three

    The family arrives at Pickerel Lodge and spends the night there. Alex Bird, a young boy and friend of the family, helps them settle in. He has changed a lot since last year and seems to have taken a little interest in Lizzie. Evan doesn't offer to help carry the bags and Toothy puts him in his place. There seems to be immediate tension between him and Alex. He appears jealous of Alex's physical changes.

    7.      Where does the family stay the night before they meet Gran?

    8.      Who helps them unload the car?

    9.      Who does the boy shine the flashlight on just a little longer?

    10.  Who gets upset with Evan for his attitude?

    Chapter Four

    Lizzie wakes up and helps May Bird with some biscuits while they talk about the hopes that Lizzie's Gran has for Lizzie's future. Harvey shows up for breakfast. Shortly after, Alex shows up and says he wouldn't mind taking Lizzie fishing this year.

    11.  What's Gran's given name?

    12.  Who shows up to have a quick breakfast at the Pickerel Lodge?

    Chapter Five

    They all meet Gran at the dock the next morning. Lizzie is very happy to see Gran. They all go to Rain Lake by boat. Lizzie considers herself home.

    Chapter Six

    They arrive at Gran's cabin. Tim comments on how he could live there forever. Lizzie feels bad for the way she speaks to Tim. The smell, look, and feel of the cabin makes Lizzie feel she will have a hard time staying mad at anyone.

     13.   What nickname does Tim use on Erica?

    Chapter Seven

    Gran and Lizzie make egg sandwiches for everyone and have a chat about things. Gran tells Lizzie how Tim has been writing her all winter and how Gran likes him very much. Lizzie feels cheated by their friendship. She tells Gran how her mother and Tim had a big argument and that none of them are happy.

     14.  What does Gran wear, which once belonged to her husband?

    15.  What kind of sandwiches do they make for lunch when they arrive?

    Chapter Eight

    Lizzie paddles the water beetle to Rain Island with Bram. As she is about to reach shore, she notices what appears to be the remains of a wharf just below the water's surface. She suspects someone may have lived there some time ago. Once on the island, she finds a sunken rectangle covered in moss that she learns is the remains of a cabin. She encounters high winds and thunder as she tries to make her way back to Gran's.

    16.  What is the name of Lizzie's canoe?

    17.  Who does Lizzie take to Rain Island with her?

    18.  What does Lizzie find the remains of on Rain Island?

    Chapter Nine

    Lizzie begins to go back to the cabin. The wind and the rain prove too much for her. She doesn't have a life jacket and begins to get worried when she cannot make any progress in the canoe. Tim shows up out of nowhere. The aluminum boat hits the canoe and Lizzie and Bram end up in the water. He gets them in the boat and they make their way back to the cabin. She thanks him and cannot believe she did it. He grins and it doesn't bother her at all.

    19.   Who helps Lizzie get back to Gran's?

    Chapter Ten

    Evan breaks the news that his mother was sent a telegram from her work. Tim is obviously annoyed that he wasn't told. Gran shows signs of not being well. She is pale and is found rubbing her left arm. Lizzie and Alex work on a crossword puzzle together after supper and Evan is upset. When Alex leaves, he shines the flashlight on Lizzie and invites her to go fishing. The chapter ends with her admitting to herself that she is definitely interested in him.

    20.  Who gets a telegram at Gran’s cabin?

    21.  Who shows signs of not being well?

    22.  Who works on the crossword puzzle together?

    23.  Who invites Lizzie to go fishing?

    Chapter Eleven

    Lizzie awakes and makes plans for excavating Rain Island. When she goes downstairs, she hears her mother and Gran arguing. Gran tells Connie that she is shutting herself off from her kids and her new husband. We learn that the father is calling the mother and confusing her. Connie gets upset and storms out of the house. Gran says that Lizzie's parents are selfish and it is time for Connie to start giving a little.

    24.  Who does Lizzie hear arguing in the kitchen?

    25.  Who is calling Connie?

    26.  Who storms out of the cabin?

    Chapter Twelve

    Lizzie begins excavating the site of the cabin on Rain Island. She finds a mug and then finds a small pair of round spectacles. She puts the spectacles on, becomes dizzy, and quickly takes them off. Later, she tries them on again and everything around her seems to change.

     27.  What two things does Lizzie find on Rain Island?

    Chapter Thirteen

    Lizzie, still on Rain Island, puts the glasses on again. Things around the island change. She sees the cabin as it once was. When she approaches the door, someone else tries to enter at the same time. She takes off the glasses and falls to the ground. She leaves the island, unsure as to what just took place.

    Chapter Fourteen

    Lizzie goes downstairs and has breakfast with Gran. She is prepared for her mother and Tim to start round two of last night's argument. Gran gets her to clear out. She then consoles Erica who claims to have witnessed Bram eat her pet chipmunk. Alex arrives and invites Erica and Lizzie to go fishing.

    28.  What does Erica accuse Bram of eating?

    29.  Who does Alex invite to go fishing with himself and Erica?

    Chapter Fifteen

    Lizzie and Gran agree to go for a walk while Connie works at the cabin and Alex takes Erica and Tim fishing. During the walk, Lizzie asks Gran about Frances Rain. At first, she is upset that Lizzie went to the island. Then she loosens up and tells Lizzie that Frances came to Rain Island from Alberta to be a schoolteacher and prospect during the summer. Lizzie gives Gran a hug and gets a true sense of how lonely Gran is. Gran shows more signs of sickness.

    30.  At this point in the novel, who goes fishing with Alex?

    31.  Where did Frances come from?

    32.  What did Frances do when she came to Rain Island?

    Chapter Sixteen

    Lizzie sits on the veranda wondering about Rain Island. When Tim, Alex, and Erica return from fishing, Tim says he thought he had seen a ghost on Rain Island. This makes Lizzie behave odd and scare off Alex. She vows she will go back to the island.

     33.  What does Tim say he thought he saw while fishing with Alex and Erica?

    Chapter Seventeen

    Lizzie again on Rain Island, armed with a tape recorder, puts on the glasses and sees two canoes tied up at the dock. She looks toward the cabin and sees a woman she believes to be Frances Rain come out and use a pair of binoculars.

     34.  Who does Lizzie believe she sees on Rain Island?

    Chapter Eighteen

    Lizzie is on the island and wearing the glasses. She witnesses two men in a canoe arrive with a little girl. There was some kind of argument where one of the men said, "…three months…" The girl (Gran) was to stay with Frances for three months.

     35.  Who was brought to stay three months with Frances?

    36.  Who brought the girl to Frances?

    Chapter Nineteen

    Lizzie leaves the island after fearing that Frances might have seen her. While paddling away she fears that she is being followed. She realizes that it is Alex. He feels that something is up. She lets him in on a little of what she knows and asks if there is anyone who can tell her anything about Frances. Alex says Harvey may be able to tell her something. Alex invites her to have blueberry pie with May and Harvey that night.

    37.  Who is chasing Lizzie once she flees from the island fearing that Frances has seen her?

    38.  Who does Alex say might be able to give her more information about Frances?

    39.  What does Alex invite Lizzie to have at May's?

    Chapter Twenty

    Lizzie agrees to go back to the island. She recounts all the events to Alex. He tries the glasses and has no luck. Lizzie tries them without luck also. They leave for Gran's and agree to go to May's for pie.

    Chapter Twenty-One

    Lizzie, Alex, and Harvey go to have blueberry pie with May. (We also get more information about Harvey's character.) Lizzie asks about Frances Rain. Harvey tells her that Frances came to teach and then went to full time prospecting. She also asks about the girl and the twin men. Harvey is surprised that she knows about things he has forgotten. Harvey says that some people think she committed suicide but he believes that she died of pneumonia or exposure.

    Chapter Twenty-Two

    Alex drives Lizzie to the dock. They talk about what they've learned about Frances Rain. He compares Lizzie to Frances and she says she would like to be a famous writer and doesn’t want to get married. They walk to the dock from the truck and kiss before she leaves for the cabin by boat.

    Chapter Twenty-Three

     Lizzie can not see anything on the island when Alex is there. While he is away with his father she spent every day there watching Frances and the girl. The girl spends time on the veranda sketching while Lizzie sketches her. One day while Frances is watching the girl sail back and forth in front of the island, she sees Frances cry. Lizzie figures the only thing it could be is that the girl and Frances' summer is coming to an end.

    40.  What does the girl do when she sits on the veranda of Frances Rain’s cabin?

    Chapter Twenty-Four

    Lizzie returns to the cabin only to find that Tim has left for good. Erica is upset. She says that he is the only one she likes. When Lizzie talks to Evan about it, she realizes that he likes Tim now also. Tim was going to get Evan in racquetball. Lizzie says she will get him back if it is the last thing she does.

    41.  What had Tim said he would do with Evan this winter?

    Chapter Twenty-Five

    Lizzie finds her mother sitting in the same spot where Gran and Lizzie had their talk

    about Frances Rain on their walk. For the first time ever, they talk like two adults. Connie tells her that she really does love Tim and Lizzie convinces her to go and convince Tim to come back.

    Chapter Twenty-Six

    Lizzie and her mother go to chase Tim. When they arrive at Pickerel Lodge, they find out that Gran has taken ill. Tim is with her and the doctor is on her way. Lizzie goes upstairs to see her. Doctor Lindstrom assures them that everything should be fine if she doesn't have any stress. Lizzie, Tim, and Connie, all feel guilty. Tim and Connie reconcile their differences.

    42.  Where do Lizzie and her mother find Tim?

    43.  Why is the doctor called to Pickeral Lodge?

    Chapter Twenty-Seven

    Everyone is at the cabin but Gran and seem happy that she should be okay. Lizzie goes to sleep rather quickly but wakes up halfway through the night to find Frances Rain and the girl in her room. Frances makes a gesture that seems to suggest she wants Lizzie to come to the island. Lizzie shakes her head in agreement and the ghosts disappear.

    44.  Who visits Lizzie halfway through the night in her bedroom?

    45.  Where does the person want her to go?

    Chapter Twenty-Eight

    After a quick chat with everyone, Lizzie goes back to Rain Island. She arrives just in time to see Frances leaving in a loaded canoe and waving good-bye to the girl. Lizzie stays and watches the girl. Shortly after, the girl uses the binoculars and sees the twin men and the toad man coming.

    Chapter Twenty-Nine

    The toad man arrives at the cabin and forces the girl to leave. As she is being put into the canoe, she drops a package. Lizzie cries as they pull away from the dock. She comes back to reality just in time to see Alex bringing Gran back to the cabin.

    46.  Who takes the girl away from the cabin?

    47.  What does the girl leave behind?

    Chapter Thirty

    Lizzie and Gran have a chat while the others play cards. Gran shares a dream with Lizzie that is almost identical to the one Lizzie had in her bedroom the night before. Lizzie and Alex go to Rain Island in search of the parcel and find it. It is the girl's sketchbook full of sketches of Rain Island and a diary of her stay. It is signed Teresa. Terry is short for Teresa.

    48.  Who has a dream almost identical to Gran's?

    49.  What do Lizzie and Alex find between the rocks at Rain Island?

    50.  Whose signature is on what they find?

    Chapter Thirty-One

    Lizzie goes into Frances' cabin with the sketchbook. She shows it to Frances who is on her deathbed. Lizzie shows her all of the pictures and writing in the book. Frances tells Lizzie to tell Teresa that she would have come for her.

    Chapter Thirty-Two

    Lizzie and Alex return to Gran's cabin. She tells Gran that she found the sketchbook at the remains of the cabin. This proves that Frances saw Gran's sketches and writing. Gran tells Lizzie all the details surrounding her family and shows her the gold signet ring.

    Chapter Thirty-Three

    Gran gives Lizzie the ring. Lizzie says she wants to stay and go to school. Gran says she is going to move in with May and she is welcome to come back next summer and work at the lodge. She also tells Lizzie that Alex will need a place to stay when he goes to university.

    Margaret Buffie is also the author of The Warnings, My Mother's Ghost, and The Dark Garden. If you liked this, try them!

    ( I will add that I have also written a fantasy trilogy [The Watcher's Quest Trilogy] which includes, The Watcher, The Seeker and The Finder. I have also written, Angels Turn Their Back, Out of Focus and my latest one is, Winter Shadows.

    Fantastic job, Chris! Thanks!


    And now: 


    Who is Frances Rain?
       Margaret Buffie

        Chapter Questions

    Instructions: Complete all questions on loose leaf paper

    1.            Why do you think Margaret Buffie included a prologue in this novel?
    2.            What purpose does a prologue serve?
    3.            What predictions can you make about the novel based on the prologue?

    Chapter 1
    1.            How do Lizzie, Erica, and Evan usually spend the summer holidays?
    2.            What is different about this summer?
    3.            Why did Lizzie think that someday she might write a history book?
    4.            Why did people stay up north after all the gold was gone?
    5.            What was the source of the smell in the car?
    6.            What do we find out about Lizzie’s family?

    Chapter 2
    1.            What happened to Lizzie’s father?
    2.            How did this affect each member of the family?
    3.            What surprise did her mother spring on the family?
    4.            How did Lizzie feel about Tim? How do you know? Give examples from the character to support your answer.
    5.            How do you think Lizzie really feels about Tim? Give an example to support your opinion.

    Chapter 3
    1.            Why was Lizzie so surprised when she saw Alex?
    2.            What kind of attitude does Evan have toward Alex? Why do you think this?
    3.            How did Mae react to Evan’s request for ice?
    4.            What did Lizzie mean when she said she had a cord of wood in each leg?

    Chapter 4
    1.            How was Alex related to Mae?
    2.            What did Mae mean when she said Evan was getting too big for his britches?
    Chapter 5
    1.            Why do you think Gran and Tim get along so well?
    2.            Is Lizzie changing her mind about Tim? How do you know?
    3.            Why did Gran say that everyone is grumpy?

    Chapter 6
    1.            Why weren’t the children allowed to go to Rain Island?
    2.            Why did Lizzie decide to spend some time on the island this summer?
    3.            How did Tim feel about Gran’s cottage?

    Chapter 7
    1.            What did Lizzie discover about Gran and Tim?
    2.            What did she think of this situation?

    Chapter 8
    1.            Why didn’t Lizzie listen to Gran’s warning about the weather?
    2.            Why didn’t she call out to Bram?
    3.            Why did she feel helpless at the end of the chapter?

    Chapter 9
    1.            Who was calling out to Lizzie?
    2.            Why was she surprised to see Tim in the boat?
    3.            How was she suppose to start the engine?
    4.            What did Lizzie realize about Tim?

    Chapter 10
    1.            How did Evan cause a fight between Tim and his mother?
    2.            What did Tim mean when he said “your decisions may impact on the third parties?
    3.            Why do you think Gran sent Evan in to wash the dishes with his mother?

    Chapter 11
    1.            What supplies did Lizzie bring to the island with her?
    2.            How did she know Gran was mad?
    3.            What advice did Gran give Connie?

    Chapter 12
    1.            Why was Lizzie relieved when her mother got angry?
    2.            Why was she surprised to find a flowered tabletop?
    3.            What was different about the glasses she found?

    Chapter 13
    1.            What happened when Lizzie put on the glasses?
    2.            Why was this so surprising?

    Chapter 14
    1.            How did Lizzie try to explain what had happened on the island?
    2.            What was Erica so upset about?
    3.            How did Alex calm Erica down? Do you think he was right? Why or why not?

    Chapter 15
    1.            What information did Lizzie get from Gran about the cabin on Rain Island?
    2.            How did she know Tim won Round 2?

    Chapter 16
    1.            How did Lizzie compare Frances Rain to her father?
    2.            What did Tim say that surprised her?
    3.            What evidence is there that Lizzie is changing her mind about Tim?
    4.            Why didn’t Lizzie tell Alex and Tim about her experiences on Rain Island?

    Chapter 17
    1.            Why did Lizzie bring along a tape recorder and a notebook?
    2.            What did she see when she put on the glasses?

    Chapter 18
    1.            How did she know they couldn’t see her?
    2.            Describe the two men in the canoe?
    3.            What was the other man like?
    4.            What name did Lizzie give him? Why?
    5.            What did the girl take out of her pocket?
    6.            What did she realize about Frances Rain?

    Chapter 19
    1.            How did Alex frighten Lizzie?
    2.            Why did she decide to tell Alex about the experience?
    3.            Why wasn’t Alex surprised?

    Chapter 20
    1.            What happened when Alex put on the glasses?
    2.            Why do you think nothing happened this time when Lizzie put them on?

    Chapter 21
    1.            Why was Alex at a loss for words when he saw Evan this summer?
    2.            Why did they roll down the windows when Harvey got in the truck?
    3.            What did Lizzie fine out about Frances Rain?
    4.            Who were the two men in the boat?
    5.            When did Frances Rain die?

    Chapter 22
    1.            What job did May give Alex to do?
    2.            Why didn’t she tell May about the island?

    Chapter 23
    1.            What happened when Lizzie went to Rain Island on her own?
    2.            Why do you think the girl was crying?

    Chapter 24
    1.            What was wrong with Erica?
    2.            What promise did Lizzie make to Erica?
    3.            What did she find out about Evan and Tim?

    Chapter 25
    1.            Why had Connie married Tim?
    2.            What did she decide to do?

    Chapter 26
    1.            What had happened to Gran?
    2.            Why were Tim and Connie feeling guilty?

    Chapter 27
    1.            What happened in Lizzie’s room that night?
    2.            What message was Frances Rain trying to give her?
    3.            Why did she decide to go back to the island?

    Chapter 28
    1.            What had Connie decided about dealing with Evan?
    2.            Who was coming to the island? Why?

    Chapter 29
    1.            What surprised Lizzie about the bed?
    2.            What did the girl take from under the bed?
    3.            What happened to it?

    Chapter 30
    1.            What was Gran’s dream?
    2.            What did Alex and Lizzie decide to do?
    3.            What did they find?
    4.            Who was Teresa Rain?

    Chapter 31
    1.            Why did Alex tell Lizzie to put on the glasses again?
    2.            What did she see this time?
    3.            What message did she have for Gran?

    Chapter 32
    1.            Where did Lizzie say she found the sketchbook? Why?
    2.            Why didn’t Terry live with her mother?
    3.            Why did Frances live alone?
    4.            Why did her grandfather finally agree to let Terry spend time with her mother?
    5.            How did Frances Rain die

    Chapter 33
    1.            What did Terry give Lizzie? Why?
    2.            What changes did Gran decide to make for the winter?


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