Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Hoarfrost waxes bolder ...

I woke up very early two mornings ago to a deep frost in my garden. Many of the plants have been cut down, but I was able to get some pleasing shots of the frost here and there. 

"Hoarfrost Waxes Bolder" Photo © Margaret Buffie

Summer is gone with all its roses,
Its sun and perfumes and sweet flowers,
It's warm air and refreshing showers:
And even Autumn closes.

Yea, Autumn's chilly self is going,
And winter comes which is yet colder;
Each day the hoarfrost waxes bolder
And the last buds cease blowing.

Christina Rossetti, "Bitter for Sweet".

Purple Sage "Geode" Photo © Margaret Buffie

Frosted Morning Blues Photo © Margaret Buffie

 Lemon Thyme and Elm Leaves Photo © Margaret Buffie

 Primrose Green Photo © Margaret Buffie

Sun Breathes Away Frost Photo © Margaret Buffie

Thyme Passes © Margaret Buffie

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Jane B said...

So Lovely! No frost here yet, but I'm sure it's coming!