Monday, May 28, 2012

Searching for ancestors?

Christine McGregor has started a new genealogy business online called The Branch Genealogy Services. Christine has a Masters Degree in Canadian History and has been an avid genealogy researcher for many years. She has done private searches for other people and is now ready to "branch" to speak. This year, she has joined the handful of genealogical researchers in Canada. She is taking questions and requests as of now. Her expertise is Canadian, Scottish, English, Irish and German Galician genealogy.

If you are Canadian and your great-grandparents came to Canada from England,  Scotland or German Galicia, but you can't find them on any genealogy sites in records for these areas, Christine can set you on the right road - or search them out for you!

If you are living in Great Britain or any part of the world, and have wondered what happened to family who came to Canada, she can also help you, as she has access to many Canadian services for information; including ships' manifests, war records, vital stats info, census records and many more records right across Canada.

One of the big tasks Chris has accomplished over the past 15 years is her own family's history. She has taken her grandmother's family back to 1297 in Scotland. An incredible accomplishment, as Scotland is very difficult to access.

Christine is a meticulous researcher and very pleasant and open to deal with. Check out her site at


Humpty Dumpty said...

Thank you for the information. This sounds like something I should definitely check out! I have no idea what happened to my great grandfather when his wife left him, bringing my grandmother to Winnipeg with her. With a Scottish name like Stewart, it hasn't been easy finding out any more information about his side of the family. We can't go back any further than him. Plus, we don't know if he had any more family later on in his life that might still be around somewhere.

- Susan

Margaret Buffie said...

Hi Susan,

I know she would give it a good hard search! She's working on a Scottish family right now who were totally stumped and is finding info for them. Scotland is a very difficult place to find things!

Margaret Buffie said...

But Ireland is a nightmare. I've been working on that for a long time, but so many records were destroyed in the many years of conflict - a lot of fires lost and a lot of precious records gone. But slowly the records are being found via other avnues bit by bit. VERY frustrating.

Melodye said...

I wish I could trace my genealogy back a little further. Legend has it that we're connected to President Thomas Jefferson, but I keep hitting road blocks on Ancestry (for example: too many people with the same name, and the townships in which they're born shifts from Census to census).