Sunday, March 4, 2012

Library Book Secrets

In my library books, I often find that people have been scribbling and correcting with busy pencils many works of fiction and non-fiction. Some are very indignant and unable to stop themselves from stabbing exclamation marks at the end of their tirade - while others politely pencil-in tiny corrections, just in case you missed them (and to show they have not missed them.)

I especially like it when the noisy scribblers are wrong. The temptation is almost overwhelming to pencil in one's own view of the scribbler's "error", and I have to say I have succumbed - but only a few times. One of my own library secrets!

I should, of course, only write in the margin of my own books - which I also do at times. But they are my books, and I can scribble in them if I want to.

I have found photos, book marks and recently a letter from one acquaintance to another from a distant city, explaining why she hadn't been able to meet the receiver when the receiver was visiting the sender's city. I didn't believe the letter writer's excuse. I wonder if the receiver wrote back? It was such a weak excuse and this writer had clearly not wanted to meet up with her old friend at all.

Just this week, I found a "Checkout receipt" from a library across the city from me. I always read these slips of paper, as many use these paper bits as bookmarks. This list of books I found particularly interesting. Here are the four this library visitor took home.

"Natural Healing : Herbal, Homeopathic" 615.535 HAY

"Rest: Living in Sabbath Simplicity" 623.3 KEN

"Is God a Mathematician?" 510 LIV

"Pride and Prejudice and the Zombies." Graphic Fiction:LEE  ...... WHAT??

I had to chuckle when I saw three such inspirational titles, followed by one MOST non-inspirational one, which I have seen floating around the internet and on half-price sales shelves in bookstores. But as I haven't read it, could I be wrong about it not being inspirational? Doubt it! ;-)

Fun, though....

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