Wednesday, November 16, 2011

How to become a member of my site.

For those of you who decide to become a member of my site, there are a few things to remember.

1) It is easy to join even with the daunting decision of joining one of the well-known logos you must click on. If you don't have a Google, Yahoo or Twitter account, it is quick and easy to choose Google and set up an account right then and there. The nice thing is - you can now go on Google World/Maps! You can travel  around the world looking at any address you want without leaving your chair. It is free. And you can ignore it, also, after you join.

2) They ask for a photo. If you are on Facebook or have a photo you can use, make sure it is small. Or you can just use the silhouette for now and add your photo later.

3) If you want your name and photo to be visible, make sure you click on Public, not Private membership.

4) Don't forget to click "Done" when you are ready to post your profile. A few of my friends forgot to do that.

5) Because my server, Blogger, suggests putting followers of the site near the top of my home page, it restricts the number of visible photos to 8 at a time. But if you look closely at the photo on the top left, you will see the teeny little word "More": on the top of the person's head (!) and if you click on that, all the members photos will come up. You can then click back and it returns to the most recent 8 photos.

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