Friday, January 1, 2021


 Does a "new" year really mean "begin now"? Now? In the present? All new? All fresh?

To quote the brilliant George Carlin, "There's no present. There's only the immediate future  and the recent past."

For most of us the recent past has been extraorinarily tough.

Hope is a longing and a desire for something to change for the better. 

Hope can be  helpful, but it can also be destructive if we expect the near future to suddenly be much better by some magical or divine source. Perhaps, in today's world, rational optimism might be better words to use.

Georgia O'Keefe's biographer wrote about O'Keefe's "Ladder to the Moon" .... "The images are all of transition: the ladder itself implies passage from one level to another; the moon is  cut neatly in half by the bold slicing light, halfway between full and new; and the evening sky is in flux, still pale along the line of the horizon..."

I hope, that the Immediate Future - in the long months ahead - holds you kindly in her  hands - and that you find many simple pleasures and even some joy in each day.

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