Tuesday, September 12, 2017

One Touch of Nature....

One touch of nature makes the whole world kin.  William Shakespeare

July Sunrise over the Bay
Photo copyright MargaretBuffie

I have been away most of the summer at my lake home in the boreal forest in North West Ontario. We don't receive internet there. And in a way, leaving it behind is always a secret relief for me. Cutting the strings to a world in turmoil is freeing and also healing. It also offers me time to refill empty chambers of creativity and allows me quiet spaces for reflective thoughts about the present and the future. They say that nature is restorative - without asking anything back from us - and this year, as always, nature offered me solace, and many moments of solitude to just sit and look around and breathe in everything around me -  and I am deeply grateful for it.

Also, without question, the beauty and the still unknown around me during those many days and nights and mornings full of curiosity and movement and stillness; whether in my canoe or walking along forest paths or sketching in my small art tablets, once again reminded me that it is up to every one of us to find a way to "touch" nature. Only in that way can we know that we must become the stewards of the environment we each live in.

It is always hard to close up the cabin and leave it alone to take on the winter snows and winds and the white and blue icy days.

So, for the next while, I will remember, again, the time I spent there in photos.

In the next week I will be adding more to my blog. I hope you enjoy seeing them. 

Trees and stones will teach you that which you can never learn from masters.  Saint Bernard de Clairvaux


Melodye said...

I love that you invite us into the great outdoors with you, and that you're going to be sharing stories and pictures from your lakeside cabin. Welcome home!

Margaret Buffie said...

Thanks, Melodye. It was a great spring, summer and early fall there. Nature is so healing, isn't it? Just being immersed in the world of so many aquatic creatures, and also the deep forest - and discovering many of its fascinating secrets is really life-affirming. We will go back in October before "freeze up" in late November." Autumn is one of the most beautiful times in the boreal forest.xo

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